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"Thank you for Providing Helpful Advice and Being So Friendly"

Thank you, Alan, for helping us buy a home, providing helpful advice, and being so friendly. We were recommended to Alan by friends who bought a high-end house with his help. We were looking for something a lot less expensive, but Alan still knew the market very well. Finding the home was up to us, but once we were ready for disclosures, Alan helped us with recommendations on a range of what to offer (and counter), making paperwork easy, and answering all our questions within 24 hours. He prides himself on his reputation, and several of the sellers' agents said they knew about him. I'm not an expert, but I got the impression that his most valuable skill was knowing what it takes to win the bid without overshooting - the right range for an offer, which contingencies to require or not, time to close, rushing us to get paperwork in early, etc. In the Bay Area, it is so competitive, I think that is what you need, and we were able to get a place on our second offer.

"Alan Canas and His Team were Exceptionally Helpful"

Alan Canas and his team, including Jacob Barnes and Gina, were exceptionally helpful during our process of selling one house in San Mateo and purchasing another in Pacifica, CA. From the beginning of the process, Alan's advice led to the best possible outcomes we could have asked for more money. He offered his team to help do a remodel and maximize the sale of our first home. With just the first open house, we received multiple offers, all exceeding our asking price. The offer accepted well surpassed what we expected.

"He Was on the Hunt for Us"

When it was time to purchase our second house, he was on the hunt for us. When we found the home that was perfect for us, the first house we put an offer in on, he was able to get our offer accepted that same day! With this competitive market, we were shocked and elated! Just weeks later, we received the keys! Alan and his team worked hard behind the scenes to make this process seem seamless and transparent. If I could give more than five stars, I would!

"Alan and Team are 5 Star Agents"

Alan Canas and his team are 5-star providers. He sold my home and gave excellent service from day one to the end. His team took the home and provided a clean and modern look. They did an outstanding job in all aspects of getting the house ready and sold in just a few days. If you want the best realtor, then look no further. I highly recommend Alan and his team.

"He Has Produced Nothing Short of a Miracle for Us"

I have to give it to Alan. He has produced nothing short of miracle for us. We moved from SF to Burlingame, two very competitive markets. The selling part was easy breezy. The buying, not so much. For two months, I searched online as no homes came on the market for the neighborhoods that we were looking for within Burlingame. I'm usually pretty skeptical of the work that a lot of real estate agents do because, in this market, it seems that all an agent has to do is sit around and wait for fish to catch the bait. And in this pond, there are about 50 schools of fish waiting. Anyway, I digress. Alan has changed my perception of real estate agents completely. First off, he took us on a tour of Burlingame and spent hours with us showing us each neighborhood within Burlingame and having us jot down which neighborhoods, streets and even homes we loved. In addition to searching through the MLS, Alan and his team sent out 700 postcards to the residents of Burlingame in case someone was waiting to sell and needed that little nudge. I mean, what agent does this? Above and beyond the expectations that I had for an agent searching for a home for my partner and I. This is a pretty tight market, and Alan knows it. What sealed the deal for us is that Alan used his knowledge of the community and his network to find us 'the home of our dreams.' I'm not exaggerating. He knew of a house that was going to go on the market and negotiated a sale off-market for us. Throughout the process, Alan always reassured us that everything was going to work out and that he would see to it. He even worked off hours to ease our concerns. Every day we come home to our new house, and we are amazed that we live here and know that if it were not for Alan Canas, we would not have gotten this home. Thank you so much, Alan!

"Will Work with Alan Again in the Future"

Alan has helped us sell and purchase our new home. We have reviewed a few real estate agents before working with Alan and chose to work with Alan. He has been very professional. He paid considerable attention to detail and walked us through every step ahead of time. He took care of a lot of tasks so that the home selling and buying process would have minimal impact on our daily lives. He was extremely accessible and prompt during and even after we had settled into our place. We honestly felt that his goal was to help us find the right home. But most importantly, his knowledge of the market and the area was most helpful especially in this market in finding our home. We honestly think without Alan and his team, we would not have ended up in our house. We have recommended Alan to our coworkers and would work with Alan again in the future.

"One of the Most Respected, Knowledgeable, Respectful and Kindest Real Estate Agents in the Industry"

Alan Canas is one of the most respected, knowledgeable, respectful and kindest real estate agents in the Industry. He handled the sale of our house in San Francisco Very quickly. Alan always had answers to all of our questions and had experts on hand to expedite work that we all felt was necessary to be done to get the best price out of the property. He was available to us 24/7, as we have every single number he has, including text and email! Alan is still is our agent for our other property in S.F. and the team even helped us purchase another property in Southern California. Alan honestly looks out for his client's best interests, but what is great about him, is that he doesn't treat you like a client, he treats you like family.